Potted plants make great decorations and event favors. Contact us at 616-868-6676 if you would like to order flowers or plants for your event.  Quantity discounts offered!

Flowers are our passion at Country Harvest!

We begin growing in the middle of our cold Michigan winter, sowing thousands of seeds along with thousands of prayers for a great year.  We grow all our own hanging baskets, combos, flats and pots from seeds, unrooted cuttings, and small seedlings.

We hope that you love our plants as much as we do!

FLATS: Annual flats are a fun and economical way to get lots of color and variety in garden beds and containers.  You can buy individual trays or full flats in sun and shade flowers and foliage. We sell veggie flats too!

COMBO POTS: Maybe you don't have a spot to hang plants, but you have plenty of floor and table space.  Check out our combo pots in all kinds of fun shapes and sizes - from teeny all the way up to 19-inch jumbo pots.

Individual Plants

INDIVIDUAL POTS: Like to design your own baskets and planters?  Our individual flower and foliage pots enable you to mix-and-match and build your own perfect combo.

HANGING BASKETS: Sizes range from 10 to 12 inches for the baskets.  Shade and sun options available.

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Annual Flowers & Foliage

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