Here at Country Harvest, we love herbs!  Throughout the year, we have a steady stream of potted herbs available.  From old favorites like Basil to new tastebud pleasers like Chocolate Mint or Pineapple Sage, we've got something to make your meals fresh and delicious!

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Cooking with Herbs

Check out our Herb-tacular board on Pinterest for some awesome herb tips and ideas.

Very popular for Mexican recipes. It seems people love or hate this flavorful herb!


from old favorites to unique new flavor options

Come pickling season, it's hard to keep enough dill on the shelf.  This potent plant adds savory flavor and is wonderful in dips!

Pineapple Sage

Basil is by far our most popular herb.  It's fresh taste cannot be beat in recipes such as pesto, pasta, caprese salads and more.

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One of our unique and fun herbs.  Pineapple sage has a wonderful sweet smell of the fruit is it named for.  It's great in iced teas and other drinks.