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Ornamental grasses and foliage add wonderful texture and variety to any landscape.  They provide a nice backdrop, add height and offer some color during the winter months.

Succulents such as Sedum and Sempervivum (Hens & Chicks) make a hardy and fun addition to any garden bed.  And they make wonderful container plants, trailing and reproducing like mad.  Their ability to withstand drought makes them an easy-going option.

Grasses & Foliage


Bushes, Shrubs & Trees

We offer a selection of perennial bushes, shrubs and trees.  If we don't have what you're looking for we can order it.  Including fruit trees.

Large, Showy Blooms

Blanket Flower is one example of a gorgeous perennial bloom.  You can make your garden a show-piece with our selection of perennial blooms.

Some of our Favorites

Mums are one of our signature flowers.  We carry a wide array of mums every fall.


From early- to late-season bloomers, traditional fall shades to pinks and purples, we have many great options to choose from.  We grow them all with attention and care, ensuring you the best product.

Hardy Mums

A fall favorite


Enjoy gorgeous color from year-to-year

Perennials are a fantastic option for any garden landscape.  Because they come back every year and often reproduce, they are also a cost-saving option for filling your garden with color and texture.