HARDY MUMS: We grow a wide variety of hardy perennial mums each fall.  You'll find traditional shades and lots of unique pinks and purples.

ORNAMENTAL GRASSES AND FOLIAGE add wonderful texture and variety to any landscape.  They provide a nice backdrop, add height and offer some color during the winter months.

SUCCULENTS: Sedum and Sempervivum (Hens & Chicks) are hardy and fun additions to any garden.  And they make wonderful container plants, trailing and reproducing like mad.  Their ability to withstand drought makes them an easy-going option.

LARGE, SHOWY BLOOMS: Blanket Flower is one example of a gorgeous perennial bloom.  You can make your garden a show-piece with our selection of perennial blooms.

Some of our Favorites


Enjoy gorgeous color from year-to-year

Perennials are a fantastic option for any garden.

They're a great cost and time saver: hey come back every year, they often reproduce, and you don't have to spend time planting them each year.

With the right mix, you can have a beautiful garden full of texture and color that blooms all season long.


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