Visit our Pinterest Gardening Tips board for great ideas on gardening.  Everything from composting to crow rotation, perennial care, and much more.

When possible, always water your plants in the morning.  This will provide moisture for the roots during the heat of the day. Watering too late in the evening can cause root-rot.

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Need Seeds?

We have plenty of choices!  Our seeds are all heirloom, open-pollinated and 100% Non GMO.

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Get your garden started with us!

We're here to help your garden grow.

From seedlings all the way to plants with veggies already growing on them, you can be sure to find great garden starters at Country Harvest. We have a wide variety of favorites and flavors that will tempt your family's taste buds.

Looking for seeds?  We have a full display of vegetable seeds.  Your family can start your garden from the ground up!

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PATIO POTS: No garden, no problem.  No, there's not an echo in here.  We also carry determinate tomato plants that are specially bred to happily grown in a pot on your deck or patio.  No garden plot needed!

GREAT VARIETY: Between our own curiosity and customer requests, every year we're growing something new and unique.  Don't be afraid to see if we can grow a certain plant for you - if we can get the seeds, we'd love to try it!

LARGE PLANTS: Start with a bang with our gallon size tomatoes and peppers.  We start them early so you can enjoy fresh Michigan veggies earlier!

HANGING BASKET TOMATOES: No room, no problem.  Our cherry tomato hanging baskets can be hung anywhere you have sunshine and a hook!