​Succulents are an a obsession.​

It's true.  There are so many varieties of succulents in the world it's just incredible.  We love to add new and and unique succulents to our stock.

Drought-tolerant and hardy, succulents over all are a great plant to enjoy in your home and to give as gifts.

SEDUM: We offer several varieties of sedum.  From ground cover to the upright fall delight, Autumn Joy.  Sedum makes a fun addition to plantings and provides a trailing effect.

Having a party?

Succulents make great decorations and event favors. Contact us at 616-868-6676 if you would like to order flowers or succulents for your event.  Quantity discounts offered!

ANNUAL/TENDER SUCCULENTS: There are so many fun and varieties of succulents.  We offer them for sale in individual pots so you can stock up  

SUCCULENT COMBOS: These fun combos make wonderful gifts.  They include a variety of succulents.

What We Carry


Annual and perennial varieties

SEMPERVIVUM: Hens & Chicks are one of the most common and most popular forms of succulents we carry.  Hardy and rapid reproducers, this perennial is a garden staple. 


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